Instructions for civilized riding on the ladder
  • 作者:鼎亚电梯
  • 发表时间:2020-05-11 13:19

1. Click the response direction button on the call board outside the elevator hall according to your own needs;

2. Please do not knock the elevator buttons with hard objects or heavy objects, so as not to damage the buttons and switches and affect the normal use of the elevator;

3, first out, then in, to get out of the elevator people out of the elevator, and then consciously queue up in order to enter.The elderly, children, disabled persons and guests should be allowed to take the elevator first. When children and other persons without civil ACTS take the elevator, they should be accompanied by adults.

4. Do not try to prevent the cage door from closing with hands, feet, crutches, sticks, etc.Passengers and children should not stop at the elevator doors to play;

5. During the operation of the elevator, it is strictly prohibited to play or jump in the elevator car, or conduct other behaviors that damage the safe operation of the elevator;

6. During the operation of the elevator, it is strictly prohibited to push the elevator door against the back and with hands or other objects, so as to avoid falling or being hurt by the door when opening the elevator;

7. Do not smoke, spit, scribble or engage in other uncivilized behaviors in the elevator. Do not carry inflammable, explosive, highly toxic and other dangerous goods in the elevator.

8. When the elevator is overloaded, do not force your way into the car. People near the door or the last to get on the elevator should take the initiative to exit.

9. When the elevator reaches your destination floor, wait for the elevator to stop running and the door to open automatically. Then step out of the elevator in turn.

10. If there is a fault in the operation of the elevator, please do not panic and keep calm. Press the yellow emergency alarm button in the elevator or use other communication tools to contact the property management company and wait for the rescue.

To create a safe and harmonious order and environment for people to take the stairs requires everyone to consciously observe and maintain it.

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