The significance of installing elevators in old buildings
  • 作者:鼎亚电梯
  • 发表时间:2020-04-08 09:49

Now China's urban aging era is coming ahead of schedule, China's institutions on the industrialization of urban housing energy-saving, low-carbon, environmental protection, intelligent modernization of the guidance and requirements. The comprehensive transformation of the Old City, the installation of elevators, three-dimensional parking areas and other systems for planning and transformation. Measures in place, mainly to address the people, the weak, sick, disabled groups of inconvenience in life, travel difficulties of the actual problem. We firmly believe that with the support of our institutions and the cooperation of ordinary people, and through joint efforts, new types of residential areas with elevators will surely spring up like mushrooms after a spring rain, for the people to create a livable pension, beautiful, intelligent environment.

The pace of urban life is getting faster and faster, people's living standards are constantly improving, elevator has gradually become a basic need of today's life. But the old building adds the elevator already to become one kind of trend, in the convenient travel at the same time, enhances your quality of life, enhances your traveling efficiency.

What are the advantages of installing elevators in old buildings?

1, the installation of elevators can solve the elderly and infirm residents up and down the inconvenience, solve their living difficulties. It can improve the living quality of the old house residents.

 2, the installation of the elevator only takes up public space or stairs to extend outward space, does not take up any units to extend outward space, does not affect the convection and ventilation, does not affect the first and second floor lighting. 

3, add elevator not only make life convenient, also promoted the taste of the building, kill two birds with one stone; promote housing value space, facilitate communication between neighbors.

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