The elevator saved itself
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1. Do not open the door, smash the door in elevator accidents, the most common is the elevator suddenly stopped, high-speed fall of the case is very low. When the elevator accident, passengers should first calm down, press the emergency button or call the service phone, waiting for rescue, must not smash the door, grilled door, otherwise easy to increase the risk of sudden elevator fall. 

2.If the elevator suddenly falls, first of all, should be each floor of the button quickly press, when the emergency power start, the elevator can immediately stop the fall. Then press your back and head into a straight line against the elevator wall to protect your spine. Secondly, hold the handrail tightly to fix the position, to prevent the center of gravity instability and fall injury. If there are no handrails in the lift, wrap your hands around your neck to avoid a neck injury. Also, your knees should be bent because ligaments are one of the most elastic tissues in the body, and bend your knees to take the brunt of a blow. Finally, point your feet to the ground and lift your heels to cushion the impact. 

3, Emergency Formula Elevator suddenly stop fear, the phone emergency door beat. Cooperate with the rescue to be obedient, layer by layer key press down quickly. Head back close to the elevator wall, hands around the neck half squat.

 4. Take the escalator safety tips passengers should get into the habit of checking their shoelaces and clothes before taking the escalator. Lace up shoes, such as long skirts and other drag clothing can be properly rolled up to prevent the edge of the elevator, the comb plate hanging or stuck. Passengers carrying heavy luggage will increase the risk of escalator accidents, at this time, need to be extra careful or simply choose to take the stairs. When taking the elevator, you should pay attention to the following three points: 

5. When taking the escalator, you should keep your feet away from the edge of the step, stand in the yellow safety warning box of the pedal, don't step in the junction of the two steps, and to hold the handrail, if the failure of the handrail belt and running out of sync with the steps, to pay attention to adjust the position of the hand at any time. 

6, ride the process should be civilized prior to relevant experts said, in the escalator entrance, handrail belt, Stair Board and wallboard these three locations prone to accidents. Therefore, passengers in the elevator to the right as far as possible stand, do not stand side by side. When people take the escalator, they often leave one side for people to pass. In fact, it is very unsafe to walk on the escalator. Passengers should stand still during the ride and try not to walk up or down.

 7. How do you save yourself from an escalator emergency? There is an emergency stop button at the top, bottom and middle of each escalator. In the event of an escalator accident, passengers near the button should keep a clear sense of safety. The first time you press the button, the escalator will automatically stop, this can effectively reduce the damage of the accident. In the process of riding the escalator, if you fall to the ground, you should learn to use the "self-protection action" to avoid things getting worse. Because the neck is very dangerous if you fall or fall from a height, you should interlock your fingers behind your head and neck, your elbows forward, and your temples on both sides. When you fall to the ground, bend your knees forward as far as you can, cover the vital organs in your chest and abdomen, and lie on your side. If you see a person suddenly fell down in front of the escalator, you should stop immediately, and at the same time, shouting rescue, tell other passengers not to approach. In the event of an accident, should be calm after thinking to make a judgment, to avoid the accident occurred when the blind running stampede. 

8. What to do when stuck in an elevator first, stay emotionally calm. The elevator chutes are equipped with crash-proof safety devices, which will firmly grip the rails on both sides of the elevator. Therefore, passengers should comfort each other by telling each other that there is no danger and that the elevator will not fall down the chutes. Then immediately through the alarm, mobile phones, walkie-talkies and other channels for help. If there is no alarm or walkie-talkie, when the phone fails, you can knock on the door and shout loudly. In the course of asking for help, you can make use of things such as leather bags and shoes to knock so as to attract the attention of people outside the elevator. If you can not find an elevator technician immediately, please ask someone outside to call the fire department. Firefighters usually winch the elevator to the nearest floor and open the door. Even if the power goes out, the firemen can use a manual to twist the elevator up and down. Do not try to force open the elevator door, because there is an outside door, even if you open the inside door may not be able to reach the outside door, and the outside of the elevator grease may cause people to slip, very dangerous.

9. (1) press the button on each floor as soon as possible so that when the emergency power is turned on, the elevator can stop the fall immediately

 (2) if there is a handle in the lift, hold the handle with one hand, and then press the whole back and head against the lift wall to fix the position of the person so as to avoid injury. 

(3) if there is no handle in the lift, support the inside wall of the lift with both hands and then rest the whole back and head against the inside wall of the lift to secure the body. Use the lift wall to protect the vertebral crest.

 (4) Bend your knees. Bend your knees to take the brunt of the blow.

 (5) immediately after the elevator is in a stable condition, contact the elevator maintenance unit or the management with the alarm bell and walkie-talkie inside the elevator, or call 119 directly for help. When trapped in an elevator, stay calm and wait for professional help

10. (1) when a passenger is trapped in an elevator car, stay calm, it is strictly forbidden to force open the door of the car or climb out the safety window of the car roof (the safety window is only used for emergency rescue or maintenance by professionals) , in order to prevent the accident of people cutting or falling down the elevator shaft after the sudden start of the elevator.

 (2) immediately use the alarm bell, emergency alarm device or telephone on the control panel of the car to contact the elevator management in a timely manner. At present, most of the elevators have been covered with mobile phone signals in the car, and the elevators that have passed the inspection are equipped with emergency alarm devices. If there is a power cut or if your cell phone doesn't work in the elevator, stay calm, as the elevators are equipped with a crash-proof device to prevent the elevator from falling. 

(3) the lift is non-sealed structure, even if the power cut, the fan mouth is still, the trapped people do not have to worry about the problem of insufficient oxygen. You can roll up the carpet on the floor of the car to expose the bottom vent for maximum ventilation. If no one answers, don't panic, and don't yell out loud and move around in the elevator because you're nervous. Save your energy and tap on the door intermittently, or tap on the elevator door with a hard sole, preferably until you hear a noise outside, and wait for help to arrive. Take the elevator bear in mind the "three observations" , "four do not" pithy formula

11. (1) before entering the elevator, pay attention to observe whether the elevator car in the corresponding floor position, do not rush into. Enter the elevator, observe whether there is "safety inspection qualified" signs, whether within the validity period. When the elevator is in normal operation, the floor door and the car door should be in the closed state. If the elevator door is found to be not closed, the elevator is in trouble. Do not ride at this time to prevent accidents. 

(2) do not press multiple buttons at the same time when riding in an elevator, as this may easily cause system failure and cause the elevator to stop suddenly; do not smoke, throw away cigarette butts or use open flames in the elevator, as the failure of an unextinguished spark may easily ignite the transmission line; Cause a fire; do not play in the elevator, the elevator shaking is likely to cause a sudden fall; do not linger at the escalator entrance or exit, or shoes or clothing to touch the escalator baffle.

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