Our Advantages

1 Provide a perfect passenger experience for the building.
The modular structure of Singapore CTE is introduced to provide you with the ideal vertical transportation with high-quality products.
2 Modern intelligent workshop
The industry-leading new generation of permanent magnet synchronous gearless tractor can completely reduce the operating cost of the elevator and meet the requirements of saving
3 Energy and space.
The company has purchased a number of international-level automated production lines and production facilities, introduced Singapore manufacturing processe and standardized the process operations, thus forming an efficient production system.
4 Dingya innovation technology, safety first
Dingya Elevator contains IoT monitoring system, multi-elevator protection function, sensitive earthquake operation function and microcomputer group control system, all details of which reflect our intimate care for customers. (Some functions are optional.)
5 Starting from you, starting from the heart
High quality Low cost The quality is guaranteed fundamentally The cost is reduced from the source
6 Reserve talents to gain a decisive victory
A good talent mechanism strategy is used to organically balance the employees’ feelings, career and wages.

Service support

Professional technical team
An experienced professional maintenance technical team is equipped to provide technical guidance to customers at all times.
Multi-point distribution
Establish multiple after-sales service points in the major cities of the country.
Headquarters backstage support
The duty engineer will open a 7*24 hour hotline for you to meet the needs of emergent repair and maintenance.
Internet technology
The elevator IoT monitoring system is introduced to create a safe elevator environment for users.
First-class service standard
Adhere to the principle of “people-oriented and you-oriented”
Service items
Provide installation commissioning and trial taking the elevator, as well as the elevator renovation of other brands.
Choose Dingya,let your business quickly enter the Internet + era.
You are able to enter the Internet + era faster and better into after choosing a right service provider.
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